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531 715 904
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Fundusz Feministyczny

Fundusz Feministyczny | Support


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By choosing "monthly" support, you agree to transfer the amount you have indicated from your card account to the Feminist Fund on a monthly basis. Make sure you set the appropriate internet transaction limits on your credit card.

Remember about your mailing address – it’s helpful when we wish to thank you for your support. Please, select all consents. Thanks to this, we will be in touch and will let you know about our most important initiatives.

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You can also set up a permanent transfer to the account:

Credit Agricole
37 1940 1076 3247 5090 0000 0000
with the title
"Donation for statutory purposes".

IBAN: PL37 1940 1076 3247 5090 0000 0000
Thanks to monthly payments, we plan our expenses
in the long run, regardless of the political situation.

Join us and let's do feminist good together.
So that every person in Poland can decide for themselves, be free and safe!